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Live and experience the capital city of India that never loses its pulse, grip, and charm…


NUO, Delhi


Bed. Bath. Breakfast. Broadband.

Reflecting on the need for change, at NUO, we believe everyone deserves a better stay. The different makes us unique and special. It’s what makes us different from your usual hotel room—it’s the NUO difference!



NUO is your home away from home when you are in Delhi. It’s the ideal place to unwind after a long day. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a business trip, we have spacious rooms available with delicious food. We’re committed to providing our guests with a comfortable experience while they are here at the NUO hotel in Delhi.


Jigsaw Café

The capital and cultural heart of India, New Delhi is a magnificent city displaying unique character and contrasts. The Jigsaw café at NUO is filled with unexpected offerings, from themed restaurants to decadent, upmarket affairs.

Travelling to Delhi


Travelling To Delhi? Keep Up With The Latest

Whether you’re new to the city or an old-timer with a stock of stories about the good ol’ days in Delhi, our list of things to do will surprise you!

A New Concept

60 seconds to M Block market, GK

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The Community Jazz

NUO since 2019

Modern Luxury Hotel

Business and tourism have transformed the city of Delhi into a cosmopolitan metropolis. Culturally, Delhi has imbibed the best of the world. NUO by jüSTa Hotels and Resorts is a concept hotel tailor-made for the people of today!

NUO Design: Sustainable & Smart

Reflecting on the need for change, at NUO, we do things differently. Minimizing laundry cycles, installing eco-friendly amenities, eliminating single-use plastic and sourcing all ingredients within a 100 km radius by promoting more local flavours. Our aim is to run efficiently with limited resources in order to achieve sustainable living.

Sustainable hotels are usually designed respecting the environment and the area where they’re located, and this is our city. So, by staying at NUO, you just don’t stay like a guest but as a responsible citizen. Active contribution to the city is the nuo way.


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