Comfort First

NUO by jüSTa is unlike any other hotel in the city.

We like to believe in the ideology of “use and grow”. What we ask is our guest to take initiative and live the new way or NUO way.

This doesn’t take us from giving you the best hotel experience in the heart of South Delhi.

Comfortable beds, luxurious bath and a place to work, the NUO way.
On the first floor, the restaurant area is a jazzy mix of culture, work and play with an ambience to get great ideas flowing or just a cozy cup of coffee. We want the place to always show life!

Think NUO

Sustainability is a core value at NUO. We made small changes with greater consequence to make this hotel what it truly is; responsible. A small tag in the rooms informs the guests about their wastage minimising amenities, how the heating system is electricity saving and everything that they eat, and drink are being served in an environment friendly manner. The need for change is imminent and we like to be part of the change while maintaining a high standard of living and comfort for all our guests.

Everything is given a thought, from the entrance to the rooms. The stylish interiors with warm lighting, which is easy on the eyes. Comfortable public seating so that you can relax with a drink or two with food made from fresh, local ingredients which looks as good as it tastes. We want to add value to not just our services but also our culture. Our employees are here to make your stay as special as possible. This is how we differentiate ourselves and have fun in our way of doing daily tasks. We are NUO in every way.

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