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Satiate the hunger and inner desire to taste the delectable delicacies of North India, continental, and other multicuisine tastes at the Nuo hotels restaurant. The Jigsaw restaurant is specifically designed across a spacious area, and well-organized counters, dining tables, and versatile antiques prevail everywhere. The restaurant offers a magnetic and glittering appeal to the eyes of onlookers.

Enjoy the taste of freshly baked food items, fresh salads, hot brewing coffee, or any other beverage. The exquisite buffet lunch and dinner can especially be organized for guests to fill up their platters with multiple cuisines of different demographics.

Enjoy with Company or Savor Alone

Jigsaw restaurant at this luxury boutique hotel in South Delhi combines the charm of a bar and café. Guests have the flexibility to savor lip-smacking baked or sweet treats. On the other side, hold the glass of premium alcohol served inside along with a favorable choice of munching snacks.


Our chef and his team simply love food. He wants the guests to have a superb culinary experience for which he needs information on any allergies and diet restrictions (if any).

Please scan the QR below to order the food of your choice from the menu.

Menu - NUO by juSTa

Kindly inform the restaurant staff so that special arrangements can be made.

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